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Return to BigLaw? A Reality Check

I have received several skeptical comments from someone calling himself Mr. Reality, who seems to take pleasure in belittling my search for fulfillment after BigLaw. You can see the comments here, here and here.

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What’s Your Default Face?

This is the face I’d like to present to the world. This is my Facebook profile picture. This is the picture I submitted to the New York Times. This is probably the face that most people see.

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Can I Be a Momentum Changer?

The football season for my team, the New York Giants, ended on Sunday. But it really ended when we were unprepared for an onside kick with 7.5 minutes to go in a critical Eagles/Giants game on December 19. We never … Continue reading

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Q1 Report: Mental and Emotional

Because my mental and emotional states for the past three months have been so intertwined, I am going to review both areas in this single post. Much of this blog has been focusing on my mental and emotional journey after … Continue reading

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Our Nutty Adventure: Part IV – The End

After our 3,868 miles road trip, I got back to New York on Monday. For all the fun I had on the 25-day road trip, it was good to be home, to be able to hug and kiss our Bellucci … Continue reading

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Part II – Do I Want to Stay in Law?

In Part I of this series about the decision-making process that led me to quit law, I talked about how I reached the conclusion that I didn’t want to gun for partnership at Simpson Thacher, in large part due to … Continue reading

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