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Riding the Emotional Roller-coaster

I have never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but there I was last Saturday, attending a one-day workshop led by Jerry Colonna, a successful venture capitalist turned life coach, on surviving the startup life while staying grounded in one’s … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude Among Friends

I have always been fascinated by schadenfreude – the pleasure derived from another’s misfortune – an emotion perceived by many as mean spirited and contemptible. Recently, I got a thoughtful comment asking my why I am so fascinated by it. … Continue reading

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What’s Your Default Face?

This is the face I’d like to present to the world. This is my Facebook profile picture. This is the picture I submitted to the New York Times. This is probably the face that most people see.

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Quitting BigLaw: Part II — The Three-Question Roadmap

In Part I of this series, I discussed why I think BigLaw is hard to quit. Since making my escape six months ago and talking about the experience on this blog, I have gotten questions from various BigLaw associates asking … Continue reading

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To Gawk or Not

My Zumba post got me thinking about self-consciousness. I generally care about what other people think. If I already feel insecure about something, like my clumsiness or body image, I let self-consciousness prevent me from doing things I would otherwise … Continue reading

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Q1 Report: Mental and Emotional

Because my mental and emotional states for the past three months have been so intertwined, I am going to review both areas in this single post. Much of this blog has been focusing on my mental and emotional journey after … Continue reading

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Part IV – Dealing with the Emotional Niggles

I have been writing in this series the thought process behind my decision to quit law. The part that I wrestled with the most was dealing with a few emotional niggles, four to be exact. These niggles didn’t disappear when … Continue reading

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