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My Updates

I know I have been derelict in writing this blog, but that is not because I have nothing to say. On the contrary, I have much to update. I actually been reflecting about this blog – and my journey – … Continue reading

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A MMA Loving Bleeding Heart

Many people know that I am an animal welfare advocate. I am against all forms of animal entertainment: fighting, racing – even performances like the Ringling Bros. Circus. So they are often surprised to learn that I am a big … Continue reading

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Q2 Report: Getting Out and About

I described in my previous post the various classes I have been taking in Q2 – the second three months after quitting BigLaw. Taking miscellaneous classes that amount to no degree or diploma feels decadent. I never did this before: … Continue reading

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Meat: A Conversation Between an Animal Activist and a Hunter

What does an animal activist have in common with a hunter? Turns out, more than you think. I am an animal lover. Among my animal-related activities are fostering cats, volunteering at shelters, serving on the New York City Bar committee … Continue reading

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