Nine Months Later

It’s been nine months since I embarked on my adventure as a small business owner. I am proud to introduce my business — my baby: Happy Dogs at McCarren Park.

Operating a dog daycare has been hard work, not only mentally having to juggle all aspects of running a business but also physically — including picking up poop and cleaning up pee. The novelty has certainly worn off. But I am glad to report, through all the ups and downs so far: I love it, absolutely. Continue reading

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My Updates

I know I have been derelict in writing this blog, but that is not because I have nothing to say. On the contrary, I have much to update. I actually been reflecting about this blog – and my journey – a lot lately. Continue reading

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Sacrificing the Little Things in Life

Shortly after writing my last blog post about riding the emotional rollercoaster of becoming a small business owner, I came across a quote from the great football coach Vince Lombardi that have given me great inspiration.

“A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.” Continue reading

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Riding the Emotional Roller-coaster

Courtesy of Mitch Loidolt /

I have never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but there I was last Saturday, attending a one-day workshop led by Jerry Colonna, a successful venture capitalist turned life coach, on surviving the startup life while staying grounded in one’s self. Given the emotional roller-coaster I’ve been on, it’s exactly what I needed.

In a room full of 30 or so participants, including seasoned entrepreneurs like the founder of Seamless Web and would-be corporate escapees getting ready to take the plunge, we introduced ourselves in turn and described what we hoped to get out of the workshop.

When my turn came, I said, in a quivering voice that took me by surprise, that I wanted to get a grip on the emotional upheaval that I’ve been experiencing since recently deciding on my “thing” — and to hang onto the drive and optimism that propelled me to pursue this “thing” in the first place. Continue reading

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Return to BigLaw? A Reality Check

I have received several skeptical comments from someone calling himself Mr. Reality, who seems to take pleasure in belittling my search for fulfillment after BigLaw. You can see the comments here, here and here. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, MIT!

My husband and I are in Boston to celebrate MIT’s sesquicentennial. As a Marshall Scholar and an MIT alum, my husband was invited to march in the procession to kick off MIT’s Next Century Convocation tomorrow, April 10, 2011, the 150th anniversary of the signing of MIT’s charter in 1861. I am very proud of my husband and of MIT.

To celebrate MIT’s greatness, I am re-publishing an excerpt of a highly commented (for me!) post I wrote several months ago about why I love MIT. Continue reading

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Schadenfreude Among Friends

I have always been fascinated by schadenfreude – the pleasure derived from another’s misfortune – an emotion perceived by many as mean spirited and contemptible.

Recently, I got a thoughtful comment asking my why I am so fascinated by it. I drafted several iterations of a response, but wasn’t satisfied with any of them as they were either too theoretical or shallow. So, I am giving this topic another try, but this time from my personal experience. It may not be prudent to reveal too much about myself, but I will take my chances. Continue reading

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A Break in Houston

I am in Houston — first time in four years. I haven’t visited Houston frequently since college. Yet, every visit I had has reminded me, without fail, one particular visit I had thirteen years ago.

It was March 20th, thirteen years ago today. Continue reading

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From VIP to UIP

I charged through the five-day South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival. The Interactive part of the annual SXSW festival focuses on emerging technology, and the hot topic for this year is social media. I pushed myself to attend 90% of the panels my schedule allowed. I reckon that 30% of the panels I attended were worthwhile. Not a bad haul. Continue reading

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Flash of Tsunamis

Watching the havoc wreaked by the tsunami in Japan reminded me of the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day 2004. Thinking back, this devastating event may have seeded the change in how I view career. Continue reading

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